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Conecta Idiomas is a new language school born from the former Teacher Training School TEFL Seville. At Conecta Idiomas we utilize an advanced teaching technique and a modern style.

Our learning method allows our students to acquire English as a permanent tool for use in their private and professional life. Learn to hold a conversation, read a newspaper, understand and enjoy a film or be able to communicate when you travel to another country.

We have qualified teachers who take a communicative approach to facilitate the learning process.

Our highly qualified teachers are not only native English speakers with teaching experience, but also have exceptional abilities to communicate with their students. This level of instructor plus small classes makes it possible that each student receives personalized attention. Our objective is that our students learn in an active and practical way saving time and money. Our classes are dynamic and fun with full participation by our students.

Our methodology is focused on analyzing real situations with emphasis on the communicative aspect. We also do constant follow ups on the levels achieved.

There are many ways to learn. Ours is fun! focused on oral practice and with the objective of communicating and speaking the language from day one.

At our center you will feel comfortable because we cultivate a personal relationship, in and outside the school.

We believe in what we do and we are always trying to improve to offer you the best service.